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Our law firm is representing our clients in many areas, especially in the Hungarian and international family law and inheritance issues. The majority of our commissions are legal proceeding of divorce and cohabitation communities. Within the scope of family problems - in particular, divorce and child custody - legal assistance needs a solution with a complex process. Our office cooperates with a number of professionals - eg. child and adult psychologists, child and adult psychiatrist, forensic experts, mediators, private investigators, tax consultants , asset management consultant, real estate and movable property appraisers - is available to clients who seek an outstanding professional knowledge to assist and support our customers in those difficult times in a divorce, placement of a child or an elderly relative guardianship cause.

Our firm's position in family matters that it is not desirable, or even avoided if the parties shift the responsibility to the court. Our goal is always to promote the amicable agreement out of court. I do belive, that all parties can come to an acceptable agreement. My task is to help my client to reach a reasonable viewpoint which complies with the law and meets the interests of children.

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Dr. Illés Blanka is a member of the Budapest Bar Association. Dr. Illés has received her cum laude certificate in legal studies at Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law in 2001. Previous she has received her cum laude certificate at the Faculty of Public Administration, Corvinus University in 1997. She continued her practice at Mayer & Co. Law Firm which firm is highly specialized in telecommunications and Internet law. In 2005 Dr Illés has founded her own law firm which is representing its clients in International and Hungarian family law and inheritance issues. Dr. Illés is a president of Pan European Jurist Union's Family Law Division since 2012, and vice president of Central European Mediation Institute since 2014. Dr Illés is an author of several articles and frequent speaker at conferences in family law areas. Dr. Illés is of on the best 100 attorneys in Hungary according to Haszon Magazin's list. Dr. Illés is fluent in English.

Consultation fee: 200 EUR / hour, 250 USD/ hour

Hourly fee during mandate: 150-200 EUR/hour, 200-250 USD/ hour depends on the subject of tha case

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